techPolitics development consulting

TechPolitics was founded by people who are passionate about moving our societies forward. They have been working in and around politics since their teen times… i.e. they look back at 20 years of political experience.  Over time the partners have developed different strands of expertise in technical and development consulting as well as research which we make available to our clients in government, think-tanks, NGOs, companies and research organisations.

Jan Seifert, a partner in TechPolitics LLP, leads the development consulting and research work. He looks back at a long line of experience in NGO politics, work as a political adviser in the European Parliament’s budget committee, as a researcher at state-level politics and in think-tanks. Jan holds a PhD in Public Policy and is an Associate at the GIGA Institute in Hamburg, Germany, where he researches the politics and political economy of Southeast Asia.

Over the last years he has consulted e.g. for the Hanns-Seidel Foundation, GIZ, the Green European Foundation (GEF), the International Budget Partnership (IBP) or the Heinrich Böll Foundation. Projects include e.g. research and reviews for the Open Budget Index, a comparative study of all Southeast Asian parliaments for the ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly (AIPA) or a strategy workshop and study for the strengthening of budget committees across Africa and in the Pan-African Parliament (PAP).

Jan’s areas of expertise are

  • public finance and budgeting
  • transparency
  • parliaments
  • political strategy
  • public administration.

Other areas of expertise in TechPolitics are

  • social media and online communication
  • digital diplomacy
  • EU institutions.