I do not only teach people about online communication – I actually practice what I preach. For the period 2007-2010 I developed websites for politicians and political campaigns, some of which – such as sites for Liz Kendall, Toby Harris and Stephen Doughty in the UK, and Marret Bohn, Ramona Pop and Bernd Voß in Germany, are still online. More recently as a member of the Grüne in Germany I have built a website for Georg Kössler (Member of the Berlin Abgeordnetenhaus) and managed a server migration and built a new website for the Grüne Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg.

Websites are powered by WordPress, and are hosted by EZPZ Hosting in the UK. Do contact me if you would like to discuss web design or hosting of WordPress sites.


[tabs] [tab title=”Current clients”]Bärbel Höhn (Visit site)
Georg Kössler (More information)
Grüne Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg (More information)
[/tab] [tab title=”Older projects, still online”]Bernd Voss, Member of the Schleswig Hostein Landtag (Visit site)
Federal Union, UK (Visit site)
Liz Kendall MP (Visit site)
Lord Toby Harris (Visit site)
LP Brussels, Consultancy, Belgium (Visit site)
Maria Weimer, Member of the Swedish Parliament (Visit site)
Marret Bohn, Member of the Schleswig Holstein Landtag (Visit site)
Murad Qureshi, Former Member of the Greater London Assembly (Visit site)
Public Accountability Training Ltd, UK (Visit site)
Ramona Pop, Senator in the Senate of Berlin (Visit site)
Stephen Doughty MP (Visit site)
Victoria Climbie Foundation, UK (Visit site)
[/tab] [tab title=”Significant older projects, no longer online”]Åsa Westlund MEP
Diane Abbott
Glenis Willmott MEP
Harriet Harman
Ken Livingstone
Marietje Schaake MEP
Paul Blomfield MP
Rushanara Ali MP
UK Aid Network
Zero Waste Europe, Brussels
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